About eREC

About eREC

  • eREC’s global vision is to become the first point of reference when emergency situations occur and loved ones or relevant individuals need to be found and informed.

eREC Goals

eRECwas created to accomplish the following goals

  • Automate the collection and retrieval of emergency contact information
  • Assist authorized personnel with locating individuals that should be notified of emergency situations, in a timely mann
  • Provide accurate emergency contact information 24 hours of every day
  • Inform authorities of the parental status of members to speed up the notification process
  • Provide Members with the peace of mind of knowing that loved ones can be found whenever needed

eREC’s Story

Being a technology professional and small business owner, I traveled often for work. As a single mother, I decided to take my child along on a long term, long distance assignment. One day, after dropping my son off at soccer practice and proceeding to run errands, I realized if something happened to me at that moment, emergency response personnel would not have access to updated information leading them to individuals to contact for me. They wouldn’t know my child existed. My young child would be lost.

I realized contact information would not be available at the employer’s site because of my work arrangement. I realized emergency contact information provided to my child’s school had changed and I failed to provide an update. And I realized my son knew all of my numbers but that was useless if I were unable to answer. He was too young to remember other relatives’ telephone numbers.

The electronic Record of Emergency Contacts was created so that loved ones can be notified in a timely manner in the event emergencies happened. www.findeREC.com launched in 2004, enabling loved ones to be found and children to be found, whenever needed.

Mary A. Granison
Founder & CEO

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