eREC Gives Peace of Mind…

To You & Your Family…

  • They are contacted when you are in need
  • You are contacted when they are in need

To Schools, Employers & Groups…

  • Never out of reach
  • Always connected to those near and dear

To Emergency Personnel…

  • Fast access to decision makers when every second counts
  • Connected to those that know you and your health

One Secure Location- Updated Information

eREC Speaks for You…

  • With an eREC Membership, there is no longer a need to notify various entities when a contact number changes. eREC does it for you!
  • Members store an unlimited personal list of names and telephone numbers of individuals that should be notified in case of an emergency within one secure location. This information can be updated at any time as telephone number changes occur, by signing in with your Username and Password.
  • Everyone provided with the eREC Member ID has instant access to updated information at all times.

Added Security to Restrict Access

eREC Protects…

  • eREC provides a private, system generated Member ID number to each new member.
  • In addition, each Member can select a confidential security access code to be used in combination with the Member ID number. This security access code can be changed by the Member at any time to control access to the record.
  • When used, this security access code prevents visitors from viewing the record information without the code.

Periodic Email Update Reminders

eREC Sends Friendly Reminders…

  • eREC sends periodic email notices to Members reminding them to sign in and update their emergency contact information on-line.
  • You simply sign in using your username and password and update your contact information.
  • This provides the comfort of knowing contact information is up to date at all times. And in your time of need loved ones can be found.

School/Group New Member Notification

eREC Keeps You Informed…

  • Groups, including employers, schools, churches, etc., are electronically provided a list of all new Members on a weekly basis.
  • Periodic listings are generated to ensure the group has an updated listing of all active Members.
  • If authorized during enrollment, the Member’s eREC Member ID number is provided to the group on behalf of the Member. This allows Groups instant access to its Members’ updated emergency contact information.

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