How eREC Works

How eREC Works

When an organization asks for your emergency contact information, just give them your eREC ID. You update your eREC online; eREC electronically updates ALL your children’s schools, participating groups & employers for you.

Using your secured unique member ID number found on your eREC member card, emergency or authorized personnel can instantly access names and telephone numbers for you and those you list as emergency contacts via the Internet or 24 hour call center, if the need ever arises.

eREC provides email update reminders to Members;

eREC provides regular listings of new and active members to schools, employers, groups;

eREC is available to emergency response personnel when the need arises!


eREC for members

  • Easy on-line enrollment and payment, entering names and telephone numbers of people to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Store your Member card in your wallet near your identification.
  • Distribute your Member ID number to those close to you and organizations that request this information.
  • If you authorize during enrollment, eREC will provide your Member ID to your Group and/or children’s schools.
  • When emergencies happen, using, authorized personnel can access names and telephone numbers of your emergency contacts and the notification process can begin.

You or your loved ones are notified it matters most!

School Administrators

eREC for Schools

All US public elementary, middle and high schools are currently included within eREC's virtual web database. If new to the eREC communication process, to get connected, contact us to verify the accuracy of your school's contact information.

Private schools, childcare centers and colleges/universities can be added upon request, if not already connected.

Parents/Guardians MUST authorize the release of this sensitive information to you and agree to the terms and agreements.

During enrollment, members indicate their child's name and school they attend. eRECinforms you weekly of your new members. Your school's designated contact person(s), usually the school principal or chancellor, is sent an email of the previous week's new members. In addition, eREC generates a monthly listing of all active members.

If the member authorizes the release of their confidential member ID number, eREC provides it to you on their behalf; allowing you to be connected to the member's emergency contact registry whenever needed.

To access the student's registry, simply access, enter the student's member ID and you are connected. eREC displays a comprehensive listing of emergency contacts to call as needed. These can include telephone numbers of parents or guardians, relatives and even telephone number of the pediatrician.

Employers/ Groups

eREC for Groups And Employers

Employees relocate, divorce, marry, buy new homes, adopt children and even change phone numbers. Often Human Resources is the last to know. eREC always knows and takes the guess work out of finding employee emergency contacts when accidents or events happen at work. eREC adds peace of mind to any employer protecting their human assets.

Understanding the importance of this information, eREC strives to keep groups, primarily employers, updated with current emergency contact information for employees. Groups include employers, extracurricular activities (such as little league sports or girls scouts), churches, etc.

And in purchasing this internet based membership, they MUST authorize the release of this sensitive information and agree to its terms and agreements. However, as an employer, you may offer to pay for this voluntary service on the employee’s behalf as a benefit. Groups can be added to the virtual database by contacting eREC at 888-514-eREC (3732).

During enrollment, eREC asks the member for authorization to provide their group with their confidential member ID on their behalf. If yes, eREC automatically informs the group by email.

The group’s contact person is emailed a new member listing each Monday if there are new members for the previous week. A consolidated listing of all members (employees) is generated and emailed monthly, to ensure all members are always connected. Therefore, when the eREC member changes their emergency contact information, the group is already informed.

To access the member’s record, simply access, enter the member ID and you are connected. eREC displays a comprehensive listing of emergency contacts to call as needed. These can include relatives, close friends or even a manager or supervisor in case there is a need to be informed of an after work emergency that prevents the employee’s immediate return to work.

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